*SS19; Major Moment | Alexander Wang


SS19; Major Moment | Alexander Wang

So, it’s the first of the Major Moments of the Spring 2019 collections…and the funny thing is, that this one didn’t even occur during the Sept/Oct Fashion Month.

Alexander Wang has drastically changed his business model.

He has moved his presentations outside the traditional Fashion Week schedule, to show in June and December (a move done to facilitate timely deliveries).
As a result, he has dropped the traditional seasons and has gone – possibly the edgier route – to aptly name his showings “Collection 1, 2 etc.”

But this restructuring has occurred from the ground up not only logistically…but also creatively.

This season, Wang went back to his roots.

And in such a politically turbulent time when lot of designers are turning to their origins, and making strong statements with their collections, Wang’s felt more personal.

Through the collection he explored his own history of immigration.

And this collection, while it wasn’t intended to be authentically Asian, it was definitely authentically Asian-American.
(Wang himself is Chinese-American.)

There were quipao tops and mandarin collars, mixed in with major elements of Americana – football jackets, biker shorts, and maybe the more evident, stars and stripes.

It was cool. It was edgy. It was Wang!

But don’t take my word for it!

See the rest of the collection here.




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