*Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Crushed Velvet


Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Crushed Velvet

Happy Tuesday all!

It’s a new week…the sun is shining [at least where I am] and the birds are chirping.

That means Spring is in the air, and these Fall trends have got to get done!

The good news is, we’ve got two more to get through…

And due to the current state of fashion, with the merging of the seasons, trends now seem to be a little less temporary as clothing becomes less and less season-oriented.

This next trend is a favorite of mine as it is such an embodiment of luxury.

From its crushed reflective look to it’s soft, textured feel, velvet has been a silently underrated fashion staple over the decades.

And now, it’s really getting another major chance to shine!

See the following glamorously luxe looks from the Fall collections, that designers have meticulously crafted and sent down the runway.




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