*mixed_media; meiling


mixed_media; meiling

Happy Tuesday all,

Remember those creative projects I mentioned?

Well here’s one of them!

It certainly has been a while since I’ve done a *mixed_media post, but this one is very special to me…

It’s a fun little fashion video that I’ve had the pleasure of directing myself! – [of course with the help of a handful of equally talented individuals!]

This video was actually on my “Creative: To-Do” list for a while, and in interviewing Meiling, it seemed like a perfect time to execute it!

I mean, Meiling, having run a fashion business for over forty years, has done interviews and photo-shoots galore, but how many fashion videos has she done?

And with the upcoming release of her “ForwardForty” collaboration, it is such a perfect way to show that this designer has a solid handle on dressing for all ages!



Song: Miguel – Told You So
Clothing: Meiling
Accessories: Sanianitos, Willow & Oak
Cinematography: Jabari Oba Quashie
Creative Director: Yannick Gibson
Models: Aaliah De Gale, Isabella Thomas, Monique Rodriguez
Denim: Provided by models
Shoes: Provided by models


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