*Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Asymmetrical Arms


Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Asymmetrical Arms

The FW17 trends continue!

You’ve seen an accessory trend, a fabric trend, and an outfit trend…

This time – a silhouette!

It’s not quite a glove, and it’s not quite a sleeve, but designers seem to be inspired by asymmetry this season, and have found interesting ways to decorate the arm??

Winter always seems to be an intriguing time, as women still strive to be strong and sexy, while dressing practically for the weather.

This seems to be a happy medium.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger…I only report what I see.🤷🏼‍♀️

Refer to below to see how creatives responded to this dilemma; most with shoulder-baring designs, some sheer, and others through exaggerated gloves.

Have fun introducing this quirky trend into your wardrobe.

Be creative! Let’s see what you come up with.

*Google seems to have found images of bejeweled arm casts, but to each his own.




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