*Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Alert | Flower Power.


Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Alert | Flower Power

“…florals? for spring? groundbreaking…” – Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Hello all!

It’s Tuesday…and for most [especially those who celebrated Labor Day yesterday] you’re probably warming up those keyboards and slowly easing into your work week.

However, this week at the blog, time is not a luxury I can afford…

In fact, I have quite a few loose ends to tie up before the start of New York Fashion Week – and in effect a whirlwind of fashion activities global fashion month – on Thursday.

…from one whirlwind to another ey?

Sigh. This post actuallllyyyy should’ve been completed a long time ago, but hey, no time like the present right?

I guess it kind of is poetic – and probably a little unnecessary🙈- to complete my Spring-Summer 2017 Trend List as Summer has come to a close.

But, in my defense, it is probably the most predictable trend of the bunch; one that somewhat repeats every year in some iteration or the other.

Florals constantly inspire designers, and this season is no different.

[This probably is due to the fact that the design process starts in the throes of dreary winter.]

Of course, what better way to resist dull weather and heavy fabrics than with light and airy flowers?

And while floral trends may not be as nouveau as some of the other trends we have seen at the beginning of the year – [think Graphic StripesStrong Shoulders, Text Me etc] – designers shook up their little grey cells and found exciting and innovative ways to put a fresh – no pun intended – spin on this classic style.

Spring, and the blossoming of flowers, is symbolic of new beginnings and growth….and these designers definitely put these watchwords into practice. Most were definitely ambitious in their execution, implementing new techniques and new technologies to create gorgeously botanical garments.

But don’t take my word for it!

Have a look for yourself at how these designers kept it moody and romantic, or feminine and flirty.

….on to Fall!





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