*SS20; Major Moment | Prabal Gurung


SS20; Major Moment | Prabal Gurung

Fashion designers have become quite political over the past few years…but none have been as consistently outspoken as Prabal Gurung.

A Nepalese immigrant in the U.S., Gurung has made it his mission, at least over the past few seasons, to speak out against this wave of xenophobia and nationalism sweeping the West.

His Spring-Summer 2020 collection was no different.

Albeit political, this collection was also a milestone for Gurung who’s label celebrates 10 years this season.

Inspiration this season came in the form of all things American.

Gurung played to his strengths.

He showed silhouettes and techniques we’ve come to expect of him – see the opening look done in white with Gurung’s signature button cut-out, and the gorgeous draping he’s shown in past collections.

And in journeying through America’s vast history, Gurung covered everything *and I mean everything* from sportswear to luxurious, high-society evening wear.

There was menswear, and denim…and every bit of fashion you could imagine.

There was bungee cord and tailoring, florals and feathers.

Cotton shirts, obi-belt cummerbunds – made from fabric scraps? Sustainability may also be on the agenda – reminiscent of Gurung’s own Eastern heritage, this is HIS America…a fusion of cultures where all are welcomed.

“There’s nowhere else in the world I could have achieved what I have here…”

Gurung shows once again that he is capable of not only producing intellectually sharp clothing but also putting on a thought-proving presentation.

He recognises that fashion isn’t just about pretty and wearable, but also has a social responsibility and that designers – who are people as well – are allowed to have and express their opinion through their craft.

And he did just that!

His finale asked, “Who gets to be American?” And in essence, who gets to decide?

I’ve mentioned before that this era of fashion is interesting; less glamour and fantasy, and more reality.

But maybe that wasn’t entirely accurate…

The SS20 runways, while reflective of current social realities, are also showcasing the realities that designers want to see.

And for Gurung, America’s future is diverse and inclusive.

See the rest of the collection here.




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