*SS19; Major Moment | Carolina Herrera


SS19; Major Moment | Carolina Herrera

Happy people make happy clothes!

This is the sentiment echoed by Wes Gordon, the new creative director of the Herrera label.

This collection was very much the changing of the guard as Herrera herself sat in the front row with her family.

Gordon stood backstage sharing words of wisdom he received from the house founder, including a wonderful pre-show text wishing him the best of luck.

Happiness was the point of this collection and evidently it ran throughout this entire collection!

Gordon, who worked alongside Mrs. Herrera, has definitely studied the brand well.

The Herrera house is a rich sophistication that celebrates fun and womanhood.

Color, print, and feminine joy have become staples of the brand, and you can see all those elements here.

And boy was it bright!

Everything you’d expect from a Spring collection!

There were printed suits with gingham and whimsical polka dots and florals and it was all light, delicate and polished.

However, Mr. gordon has tapped into the generation of today and has included young, fun pieces – silk jumpsuits, and Japanese schoolgirl-esque blazer and skirt combos.

He has acknowledged not only the ease and comfort of today’s dressing, but according to him, the lack of distinction between daywear and evening wear.

This knowledge of both the brand’s roots, coupled with an understanding of today’s consumer will help Gordon navigate this label into new territory.

See the rest of the collection here.




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