*Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Fabulous Furs


Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Fabulous Furs

Happy Wednesday all…

So…naturally I didn’t get to finish my Fall trends by the weekend as planned, but so much else is happening on the back end of the blog that I decided not to put toooooo much pressure on myself and just get it done when I can.

And, even though I’ve crawled through the trends this time around, I have to admit that I do actually find it quite fascinating to see how these form and change over time.

Anyway, this next trend – which you’ve probably gathered by now is fur –  is quite controversial and interesting in that, with all the global goings-on, a lot of industry members are deciding to go fur-free.

In fact, surprisingly enough this includes luxury houses, Gucci – who’s most successful shoe in the past five years was a fur-lined loafer – Armani, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and most recently, Versace.

But, with both questions of sustainability and new technologies emerging, I’m sure that an industry that was once so reliant on animal-sourced fur, can find a suitable cruelty-free alternative.

And, while the fashion world must be commended for exploring more sustainable materials, we can still appreciate the glamor that designers brought to the runway utilizing what I assume to be both real (although minimally) and alternative forms of animal hair.




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