*Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Red [and Ready]


Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Red [and Ready]


…so it’s been a great start to the week over at the blog.

I’ve begun my Designer Series posts featuring my creative colleague Sanian Lewis, of Sanianitos.

So in keeping with the productivity, these trends have got to get done!

We’re just over halfway finished, and hopefully, by the end of the week, you’ll be up to date with the latest and greatest trends.

And it should be no surprise what the next to be featured is.

“Of all the hues, reds have the most potency.
If there is one electric blue, a dozen reds are so charged.
Use them to punctuate white, burn into bronzes, or dynamite black.” — Jack Lenor Larsen

Here in Trinidad, we have been experiencing what we have dubbed “The Year for Love!” -and in today’s tense political climate, boy is it necessary! -so we are out and about painting the town red!

And as you can see, it’s very much on trend with what is happening internationally.

Red is such a symbolic color.

It is sexuality. It is spirituality. It is vitality.

It is bold and energetic!

So what better way to kick-start your week than with some coffee blood-pumping images of red designs featured in the Fall-Winter collections.

And what is so great about it is that…because it’s such a personable color, it’s easy to integrate any shade into one’s wardrobe.

But don’t take my word for it…

See below.




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