*Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Punchy Plaids


Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Punchy Plaids

Happy Sunday y’all!

All this Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week recapping, you probably thought I forgot about the Fall-Winter 2017 trends?!

Well, I haven’t…but it does make sense to get them wrapped up before Spring arrives, doesn’t it?

Probably one of the more surprising comebacks – no, not Justin Timberlake – was that of plaid!

I mean this trend had such a big influence in the 90s and early 2000s – see Clueless (which I haven’t🙈) and Gwen Stefani.

So it was such a nice little throwback to see this uber-graphic and timeless print end up on the FW17 runways.

Now, I’ve seen a few articles which talk about the possible dangers of wearing plaid, as there is the potential to end up looking a bit dated and/or like a big picnic blanket.

But done right, and you end up looking chic and comfy – and we know that fashion is all about comfort right now.

Anyway, what’s the harm?

Give it a go.

And if you end up looking a little too Scottish ren-fair, Spring is right around the corner…

Good luck!




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