*mixed_media; muk bang (먹방)


mixed_media; muk bang


I seem to be falling off the mixed_media train.

But in all fairness, there is much fashion to be covered!

Here’s a fabulously fun fashion video featuring one of my all-time favorite (super?)models – Jessica Stam.

Here, Stam pays tribute to the Korean movement, muk bang, in which a person eats massive quantities of food while being broadcasted via webcam.

NY based filmmakers Tn’T (Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas), in collaboration with Vogue Korea, wanted to take the first “haute couture” spin on this digital phenomenon.

They mention that the film is also a tongue-in-cheek homage to the glorious days of “porno chic” fashion photography, as well as low-fi internet graphic design, and a genuine love letter to modern Internet culture and Korean food.

Not quite sure I see the appeal, but Stam looks amazing while she has fun playing with all the various dishes.

Now, who said you shouldn’t play with your food?



Food provided by: Oiji NYC & Dokebi Bar & Grill



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