*Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Den-umm?


Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Alert | Den-umm?

Trend #3!

And again…nothing new.

’tis denim! [which has been forever trending.]

I’m beginning to really appreciate this continuous fashion dialogue that has been crafted in what has been deemed the “Trump-era of fashion.”

From a sociological point of view, it always interests me to see fashion respond to the current social goings-on.

Now, due to the political climate, there really is the emergence of resilient and utilitarian clothing – a practical way of dressing with an appreciation, but not need, for the lavish and outlandish.
And probably added to this, is the notion that fashion is for everyone and inclusive – a response to obscene and offensive comments made by those in power.

Denim has always been an example of the democratization of fashion.

In fact, it is a quite popular example of this, as denim and jeans were once popular among blue-collar workers and managed to trickle its way up to fashion houses and couturiers.

Here you see designers’ fun takes on the wardrobe staple stomping down the FW17 runways.




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