FEATURED POST: The Quintessential Guide to Terms on my Blog


The Quintessential Guide to Terms on my Blog

Hello all,

Now…some of you have been asking what certain terms in the titles of my posts mean.

So, I thought I’d make it easy and compile this little glossary-of-terms if you will.

Here goes…in categorical order:

#mcm |
man crush monday. need I say more?

#wcw |
woman crush wednesday. and there are A LOT to choose from.

*flashback_friday |
Older fashion editorials. Posted on a Friday… duh!

*stars_on_parade |
Award show/red carpet recaps.

ad_fad |
Brands’ advertising campaigns for the season. What you would see in a store or magazine; usually representative and reinforcing of the season’s theme.

Blast_from_the_Past |
An “older” fashion editorial, one not from recent times. Interesting to note how fashion and fashion photography have changed.
Similar to “*flashback_friday” posts…but not posted on a Friday?

Breaking News |
These posts are often somewhat long as they feature the current goings-on in the global fashion industry and my thoughts on them.

Buy or Bye?! |
A semi-successful undertaking – that I admittedly haven’t done in a while. I used to post a current celebrity magazine cover along with a poll to “Buy!” or “Bye!”
Maybe I should bring this back??

Celeb Life |
Posts about celebrities!

  • Style File |
    Model biographies with some of my fave pictures of their career!
  • Target |
    Celebrity style influencers; my thoughts on their personal style, style evolution, and of course fabulous pics.

Daily Pretty |
Just a pretty, one-a-day editorial to give you a daily dose of beauty.
I often try to vary it from the day’s model_monday/#tbt/#wcw/*flashback_friday post in terms of mood, model and number of models….but maybe I’m not always successful?

Designer Series |
An ambitiously fun project I decided to undertake to get closer to local designers. Each post features an interview with them and some gorgeous imagery – all done by me!

Editorial |
In contrast to an ad campaign or a lookbook (which both showcase clothing from ONE fashion house with the intent to drive sales), a fashion editorial is usually a conceptualized ‘story’ which features clothing from many different brands. These depict the clothing in new and different ways and can often help create or reinforce trends.

mixed_media |
posts with some sort of video element, you know, to mix it up a little.

model monday |
Fabulous Monday editorials featuring a single female model.

**Very Important. Involves the occasional nipple and/or peen.
You definitely don’t want your boss seeing you looking at this during company hours.

#tbt |
throwback tuesday or thursday. depending on my mood.

The Collections:

  • Major Moment |
    These are MY personal Major Moments of the season.
    Typically, if I am very impressed with a collection – due to its innovation, craftsmanship, and cohesion – I will feature it as a Major Moment and write about the inspiration. And, while there are a number of strong collections, I will usually write about it if I see it adding some sort of distinct value to either the fashion house or the fashion spectrum in general.
  • Notable Mention |
    These are solidly pretty collections that I don’t really have much to say about. Normally I let the pictures do the talking.
    Recently, I have started each post with a few guiding words to direct readers to understand the inspiration or mood of the collection.
  • Lookbook |
    Sometimes instead of hosting runway shows, labels debut new collections via styled catalogs or lookbooks. In opposition to a campaign – which is also used for marketing purposes – a lookbook displays the entire collection.


  • SS: Spring-Summer |
    pretty self-explanatory.
  • FW: Fall-Winter |
    as above.

These two are the major seasons and traditionally show six-months ahead of their time (i.e. SS collections debuting in September, FW in February).
However, some labels have recently decided to show in-season.

  • Ready-To-Wear [RTW] |
    These collections (sometimes referred to as prêt-à-porter) refer to presentations comprising factory-made clothing, sold off-the-rack in a finished condition, with standard sizes. Not meant to be personalized clothing, but some fashion houses produce RTW collections in limited numbers.
    Major labels present two major RTW collections a year – one for Spring (typically shown in September) and one for Fall (typically shown in February.) Showing collections six-months in advance gives the houses time to produce and ship stock, buyers to place orders, and editors to photograph the clothing. However, with some houses implementing “see-now-buy-now” models, this is changing.
  • Haute Couture |
    In contrast to RTW collections, haute couture involves custom-fitted, high-end, handmade garments. Haute-Couture collections can only be shown in Paris due to rules instituted by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture with Couture Fashion Weeks occurring in January (Spring) and July (Fall).
  • Resort |
    Sometimes called a Cruise/Holiday/Travel collection. Inter-seasonal, ready-to-wear line that originated for wealthier, “jet-setting” consumers, and now is meant for consumers who have “finished buying their fall wardrobes and are looking ahead to vacations.” Usually, collections debut earlier in the year, but clothing only hits stores in November through January, before the arrival of the Spring collection.
  • Pre-Spring/Pre-Fall |
    Very similar in theory to the resort collections. Meant as a more commercially viable “in-between” while one seasonal collection is on sale and stores await the arrival of the next major collection.
  • Mixed-Gender |
    This refers to collections that feature both mens and womenswear. Traditionally, houses that offered collections for both gender, did them separately. However, nowadays to reduce production costs – both in terms of runway shows and garment production – some labels are opting to show both male and female collections at the same time.

Trend Alert |
posts depicting some major trends for the season.

Trini Tings |
fashionable things that have happened in Trinidad – where I’m from!


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