*Breaking News: Fashion Week Shakeup


*Breaking News: Fashion Week Shakeup

Hello darlings,

We have some important business to discuss…


The New York collections began showing on Thursday, and designers will continue to unveil their newest creations cross-Atlantic; in London, followed by Milan, and finally Paris.

But, designers aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure.

Editors, models, makeup artists, celebrities and media teams are all scrambling around the city, rushing from show-to-show (and show-to-after party😉).

Fashion has always been an industry of foresight and innovation, and has existed in it’s own chaotic equilibrium.

Two major fashion months occur in February and September and collections debut six months ahead of it’s time.

This gives buyers time to buy, producers time to produce, and editors time to edit establish cohesion across collections and conceptualize editorials that feature them.

This was the norm…until now1.

Some designers have opted to ditch the conventional calendar and begin showing *gasp* in-season. This new model, dubbed the “see-now, buy-now” approach, sees clothing available as soon as AS SOON AS it debuts on the runway.

However, not all labels have the desire2, resources, or clientele at their disposal to make this change a possibility, which makes this set of collections a little interesting.
In fact, most designers are sticking to the usual schedule, showing Spring/Summer clothing in September, with a small-but-growing number switching over to the new system.

Fashion is a unique beast. It is quite influential due to it’s size and power.
However, with global improvements in technology and modernization, a lot of industries are forced to adapt, and the fashion world is no exception.

It will be very interesting to see how this turns out…

…but for now sit back and relax…

NYFWSEPT16 coming up….


1now being “as of 2016.”
[This is the second fashion month to showcase in-season collections.]

2Uncle Karl from Chanel, and other major luxury houses including Dior, Chloé, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga and Lanvin have rejected this proposed ideal, describing it as “chaos” and stating that it “negates the dream of luxury.”


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