*Summer Olympics 2016; Rio


*Summer Olympics 2016; Rio

Hello darlings,

All eyes are on Rio!

With the Olympics underway, top sportsmen from all corners of the world have gathered in Brazil and the medals have started being shared!

After a gorgeous opening ceremony (featuring Queen Gisele strutting, for what seemed miles!), the world’s fiercest (and not in a fashion sense) athletes will be competing for their country’s pride and of course the bragging rights of being the top athletes in their sport!

Set against a picturesque Brazilian backdrop, the competition is expected to be intense, and naturally the strength and endurance of the Olympians will be tested.

Of course darlings, art imitates life and these qualities are mirrored in the fashion world.

You can expect that, over the next two weeks, there will be joy and tears, hot muscled bods, and of course fashion!

*loading athletic posts now*

*sidebar: I can’t believe it’s been four years since I started this blog!

^*refers to London 2012 Olympic posts. *covers face*


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