*tbt: FW15 Major Moment; Carolina Herrera


*tbt: FW15 Major Moment; Carolina Herrera


Ready for more NYFW recaps?

Today’s slew of TBT posts begins with a showing from one of the queens of design; Ms. Carolina Herrera!

Looking good and feeling gorgeous at the ripe age of 76 [!!], Herrera sent out a collection of superb looks.

For Spring she was inspired by flowers…but now, water was the muse.

And, while an evident stimulus, it wasn’t overdone, keeping with Herrera’s minimalist and chic aesthetic.

Herrera once said, “Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound,” and that is definitely true of this collection.

Sweeping fabrics, with ruffles and ripples; even the abstract watermark brushstrokes and water drops on a variety of pieces added a dimension of modernity and artistry.

Gorgeous collection [although I prefer the liveliness and warmth of the Spring collection].

And, with Karlie opening and closing the show, what’s not to love?

See the rest of the collection here.




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