*tbt: SS15 Major Moment; Antonio Berardi


*tbt: SS15 Major Moment; Antonio Berardi

ok…I’m going to admit that this is a really Major Moment for me…and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection.

Berardi claims to have been inspired by The Flowers of War, a 2011 Chinese historical war film set during the 1937 Rape of Nanking in which a group of escapees seek refuge in a church.

The collection draws heavily on this, featuring not only [the obvious] floral references, but also saturated colors and iridescent finishes, reminiscent of light refracting through stained glass windows.

Prints, patterns, [heavy] embellishments and embroidery were in abundance, along with a few Chinese-influenced cheongsam silhouettes, but what I love most is the crisp, cleanliness of Berardi’s looks.

Berardi was clearly overflowing with inspiration as he presented, not only a range of colors, but a range of shapes and techniques as well!

I love this collection…[especially that last look] and I hope you do too!

See the rest of looks here.




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