*ad_fad; Chanel SS15 Campaign


Happy Sunday kitties!

Thought I’d try something new and start featuring current fashion campaigns to keep you in the know [also to keep ME in the know, being a recent Marketing & Advertising graduate and all…].

I think it is always quite interesting to see how creatives in the industry portray their clothing in such vastly different ways…

Case in point is Chanel’s SS15 collection [post to come], depicted through what was described as a feminist revolution, here we see the clothes depicted in a different light.

Shot by Uncle Karl himself, there isn’t the whole megaphone-toting, picket-wielding, [fashionably-dressed] crowd…just a natural [Queen] Gisele Bündchen, wandering barefoot through the beautiful streets of Paris.

Gorgeous model. Gorgeous clothing. Gorgeous locations.

What more does one need for a great, and scintillatingly romantic campaign?



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