*Target_: Ellie Goulding


Target_: Ellie Goulding

With her sophomore album just days from being released in the UK, I have decided to do a ‘Target’ post on none other than singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding.

Following in the footsteps of vocal powerhouse Adele, wining both the BBC’s ‘Sound of..’ poll, as well as the Brit Award for ‘Critics’ Choice,’ it somewhat surprises me that she is not just as globally successful.
However, Ms. Goulding has her loyal collection of fans, myself included, who probably have noticed a change in both her music and her look.

Beginning her career with more indie-pop type songs, Ellie definitely dressed the part, often wearing beanies and oxford shoes…looking very preppy and sophisticated. As her craft evolved, so too did her dress, which is quite understandable. After all, like music, fashion is also a creative outlet. She began dressing a little more edgy, even shaving one side of her head, dying her hair various colors..and even more recently, as seen at the iTunes festival, braided her hair!

Ellie Goulding iTunesI think that, like her music, her fashion has taken a darker turn; she’s often seen wearing blacks and leathers now, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes for a very striking look!

indie beginnings..

I have tried to group her fashion phases into separate collages, but somewhere in the middle they start to blend… I’m sure though that you can mostly see her style evolution. And if you have trouble, just do what I did and look at her hair! haha…


grungy prep?

Although she’s not necessarily a fashion icon here in the UK, and mostly favoring casual, comfortable clothing, she definitely takes some risks sometimes. Naturally, she has her fair share of hits and misses. But, what I really admire is how cohesive her look is with her music. She does not look like she’s trying to be anyone but herself; innocent and raw, and that is to be commended. I love how she can look so sweet and cute, but yet dark and mischievous at the same time.

…lots of blacks, no?

If you want a description of her style, Ellie herself pretty much sums it up as she says, it’s “…tomboyish. When I was younger, I had my lip pierced and I had black hair so I like Gothic crosses and grungy leather. But sometimes, I want to be girlie so I go for florals and pink. Maybe I’ve rebelled from my grunge phase and just want to be a Barbie now! Because one side of me wants to be this sophisticated London girl and the other side wants to be rebellious, especially on stage when I like the idea of being a rock star.”ellie4Check out her music kiddies. Album releases on the 8th!


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